granite countertop

Granite is one of the most versatile, beautiful, and dependable materials for kitchen countertops. There are, however, several competitors with other features and price points to offer. The question is, how do they stack up against the natural beauty of granite? One of the more popular competitors is Corian–a man made composite that offers some advantages and disadvantages in the kitchen. Here are a few ways that these two stack up against each other:

Heat Tolerance

Hands down, this one goes to granite. Granite counter tops can handle extreme temperature changes. If you’ve ever held a hot pan in your hand and searched desperately for a hot pad, you know how relieving it can be to have a countertop surface that can handle the heat. Granite is heat resistant to the point that you can stick a hot pan directly on the surface with no problems.

Corian, though also a resilient surface, can be easily scorched by hot pans or objects. If you opt for corian counter tops, you’ll want to have hot pads and cutting boards readily available when cooking.

Cut Resistance

Granite is also difficult to cut or damage with knife blades. The natural stone should hold up well to any accidental slips of the knife. Corian can be scratched fairly easily, but those scratches can also be buffed out without too much effort. In the end, both surfaces handle knife blades well, it just depends on how much maintenance you feel like keeping up.

Chemical Vulnerability

Granite does have some susceptibility to etching from highly acidic substances and can also potentially be stained. To prevent such damage, granite must be sealed and that seal should be maintained every couple of years. Corian, on the other hand, is not vulnerable to chemicals but can also stain like granite. The difference is that corian does not require sealing.

Visual Appeal

This one is more of an individual metric, but here is how these two substances break down visually. It’s hard to argue with the natural, unpredictable, vibrant appearance of natural granite. Granite offers compelling striations and a deep luster that most people find appealing. Be aware, however, that these striations sometimes make finding dirt or smudges difficult.

Corian, being man made, certainly has a more artificial appearance. Though it can look more like plastic, it does not have the same appearance as cheaper plastics such as a laminate countertop, and offers far more durability and resale value.

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