Granite tile flooring

We’ve talked a lot about why granite is the perfect material to install in both your kitchen and your bathroom. It makes the best countertops for any room of the house. We even recommend using granite for an outdoor kitchen! It’s a great alternative to anything synthetic, because it will last noticeably longer, thanks to its natural durability. But there are a few rooms of your home you haven’t considered using granite in!

Granite Tiling

Even though you usually think of beautiful granite and marble being used in large slabs as countertops, granite is also a really great option for your flooring! Granite tile is not only one of the most beautiful flooring options you could use, but it’s also one of the most durable! It’s durable for the same exact reasons that you’d want to use it for your countertops. It’s heat resistant, highly crack resistant, and it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

Of course some of the first rooms you’ll think of to install granite tile in will be your kitchen and bathroom. That’s because you already know how beautiful and practical granite is in those rooms in your home. But tile flooring is a beautiful alternative in any room of the house! It makes clean up a lot easier, and it’s not likely to be scratched or cracked when heavy things are dropped on it. It will stay beautiful looking a lot longer than any vinyl or linoleum alternative you could consider.

Front Room/Foyer

A front room is the perfect space for granite tile. It’s sophisticated, and will be a wonderful entry to your home. You can also pick out some beautiful area rugs that perfectly accent the colors that you choose, to make the room feel a bit warmer.

Family Room

Your family room needs granite tile, too! If your kids are going to be playing in that room often, you know that at some point they’re going to spill paint or nail polish on the floor. They’re also bound to try drawing all over the floors and walls with their crayons or markers. The simple fact is that tile is a lot easier to clean than carpet! If they accidentally spill grape juice on your carpet, there will be no way to remove it completely! You’ll always be stuck with a large purple stain in the middle of your floor. But with granite tile, you can easily wipe it up, and move on with your day.

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