Apron sink

An “apron” sink is a farmhouse styled kitchen staple. It’s unique look is instantly recognizable, getting it’s name from the “apron” of material that comes down the front of the sink, replacing the need for a countertop in front of the sink. An Apron sink will provide your kitchen with a sleek look, and is perfect no matter your kitchen style, from a rustic farmhouse to a chic and modern kitchen.

Types of material

As with any home improvement project, there are many different types of materials to choose from for your apron sink. A few of our favorite options include: copper, cast iron, stainless steel, custom granite, and fireclay. Truly, the sky is the limit here. We can customize an apron sink to absolutely anything that you’re wanting and imagining.


An apron sink can be easily made from a template, but where it can begin to get more complicated is when you get to the installation. The installation process for an apron sink is a little different than that of a regular sink installation.

The apron sink will need to be set in place prior to the field measurements. This means that your existing countertops will need to be removed before the sink can be installed. An apron sink is a great addition to make while also updating your countertops, as it would be the most efficient way to get the sink in since you’ll have to remove your countertops anyway. However, your existing countertops can be placed back around the sink, after some modifications to make them fit around your new sink.

Depending on the size of your sink, there may be a seam. We recommend placing this seam on the interior of the sink over the drain. This isn’t always a necessity and is very easily avoided, however.

In addition to your countertops needing to be modified to make room for your new apron sink, you may have to make a few changes to your existing cabinetry. Or more specifically, the cabinetry below your sink. Since this is such a small area, it’s incredibly easy to make this modification and will just require new doors to accommodate for the smaller surface space available below your sink.

Price point

The price point for apron farmhouse sinks vary greatly depending on what the material used for the sink is. Since installing an apron sink is a somewhat larger project, make sure that you really love the material that you use; it’ll be more worth it if you only install a product that you really love and won’t need to replace down the road.

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